Wall Portraits
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Friday, February 24, 2017
By Judi Brown Photography
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I fell in love with life size wall portraits when I visited the art museums in Washington DC years ago and the love affair has persisted. I will never forget the life size portraits of several people that I saw there. One was Thomas Edison as a young man, maybe 28 years old? He was standing behind a long wooden table that was full of machines or tools of some kind. He looked so friendly and personable, I felt like I could reach across the table to shake his hand and thank him for the things he invented. The portrait was so real, I felt like he was right there. Another one I remember like it was yesterday was Abraham Lincoln. He was sitting in a chair with his legs crossed above the knee. I remember thinking that he was really good looking when I had always read he was considered ugly. Maybe the artist painted his best angle, and used lighting just like I do to make my subjects look their best. The third one I remember vividly was also a life sized portrait was a portrait of Juliette Lowe, the founder of the girl scouts. The beauty of the subject and the amazing rendition of her dress was something I will never forget. A fourth life size wall portrait that inspired me to do what I do, was the portrait of Annie Russell by Joh White Alexander, an American artist. It was one of the most beautiful portraits I have seen and was 72 inches tall and 44 & 1/2 inches wide. 

The wall portrait displayed in this blog is 30x40 inches on canvas and has been painted from a portrait I photographed in my studio. Photographing and creating wall portraits is my passion. 

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