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Thursday, January 12, 2017
By Judi Brown Photography
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Happy 17th birthday to my pomeranian Cody

The smartest dog I have ever known turned 17 years old January 2nd.  Happy Birthday Cody.  Love him !  I adopted him when he was 3 and I originally bought him for my grandfather who desperately wanted a dog for a companion. The lady I got him from no longer wanted him because he was "oversized" for a pomeranian. Sometimes the gifts we get for others come back to us in the most amazing way. I flew him back from Pennsylvania after only 3 days when he refused to eat. Once he got back to me, he ate immediately. Go figure. I used to say that he was the most expensive dog I ever owned because I flew up with him to deliver him and paid to fly him back, along with a limo ride from Johnstown to the Pittsburg airport. On his 15th birthday he became paralyzed and had a $6000 disc surgery. I know, but what we won't do for those we love. He is pretty spoiled as are all my fur children. Cody has a special talent with mothering other animals and has helped raise all the dogs ( and cats) I have rescued. The lady I got him from told me he chased cats, but he changed his mind when he met our first kitty rescue.
             I always take a professional portrait or two of my animals when I adopt them because I want to remember them always ! I love doing portraits of every type of animal. I personally have a small country estate with horses, dogs, cats, ducks and a cockatiel. I have never known an animal that I didn't like or didn't like me. I photographed horses all across the country professionally for years and became known for it. Talk about a dream job.

            There is a new movie coming out soon called "A Dog's Purpose that shows a dog reincarnating as many different dogs and helping and loving those who own him. He ends up coming back to the boy who had him first, who is now a grown man. The man recognizes him from the specific way he retrieves a ball. To see the movie trailer, go to   

When a client tells me they love animals, say no more, they had me at "love animals".      Animals were my first love and my passion.