Executive portraits as a tax deduction
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Friday, February 24, 2017
By Judi Brown Photography
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Executive portraits are an important part of business profiles. It might be something you could write off as a tax credit. A professional looking image is a necessary asset for those who need to be seen in the business world. Some clients think any selfie will do for a professional profile portrait. However it is quite obvious when those are used. I have had clients ask me if they could send me a picture of them at their desk with others in the photo and If I could retouch it enough to make it look professional. Although I am the "Queen of Photoshop" and can do just about anything, the real question is would it look as good as this one taken at my studio with proper lighting & posing. Even if I could fix your selfie, would you want to pay me for the hours it would take to do it, or would it be easier and less expensive to come to the studio or have me go to your office and get the lighting right to begin with. I think you know the answer. I told the client that if he would come to the studio and pose, and he didn't like it 100 times better than his selfie, I would retouch the selfie for him. You can guess which one he picked after the shoot. 

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