This page is designed to help answer your questions, if you have a question not answered here, please contact me and I will personally be glad to help you.

Q: Why should you hire me?

A: I am professionally trained and have won awards in both art and photography. I have been in business for 29 years and I have the expertise to create an exceptional portrait or commercial photo. I retouch with an artistic hand and I can deliver an amazing print, canvas, book or album in conjunction with my pro lab. It takes a trained artist to design with proper composition, light, and impact. Photographs are important to help us remember moments and loved ones who will change as time passes. It takes an artist, not just a camera to get what you need in a portrait or to deliver impact on a commercial job. 

Q: What geographical area do I cover?

A: I quote events, portraits, and commercial work in Central Florida including Orlando, Winter Park, Windermere, Lake Mary, and Clermont. If you have a question about locations covered, please call. My studio is located on a country estate in Orlando, Florida, and I work on location about 50% of the time. 

Q: Why are my wall portraits so popular?

A: My clients often mistake my photographic portraits for oil paintings. This comes from the combination of finishing touches I put on the portrait in my computer, and my lab bonding the photographic paper to actual artists canvas, which gives it the texture of a painting. Although the portrait looks very much like a painting, I love that it still retains the realistic details of the photograph. 

Another product I offer is an original oil painting for those who enjoy another level of art. These are a once in a lifetime opportunity, since the painter I use only does so many a year and I dont know how long he will continue to paint. I personally feel he is in the company of famous artists such as Renoir and John Singer Sergent. I start by creating a portrait in a photo session and after retouching it, that portrait is sent to the artist to create an oil painting.  Although it is more expensive than the photograph on canvas, I do love the look of oil paint on canvas if it is affordable to you. 

Creating art for walls is my passion. I have always admired and been inspired by the breathtakingly beautiful life size wall portraits showcased in the Museum of art in Washington DC. 

Q: What style of photography do I do?

A: The style you choose depends on several things. As the saying goes: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When we talk about what you want in a portrait, I like to find out what you would like the portrait to say to those who view it. Will it say: I love you to your family?  Remember when you were small?  What a good time we had together? remember something you do together such as a day spent fishing, or is this a portrait study in recognition of a company executive? Do you like a sharp or soft look? What colors should be in it to blend with the room it will be displayed in?

For those clients who appreciate the classical approach, I can do a portrait on location in a scenic landscape, or in my studio with an Old Masters backdrop. A black and white artistic gallery look is also perfect for home or office decor. It really depends on what type of art you enjoy. I can create any style you ask for. There is no limit to what I can create for you. In addition to portraits for executives, I photograph commercial products, album & book covers, food, commercial buildings, homes, hotels, and events of every kind. 

 Q: What can you expect from a session with me?

A: When planning a portrait, we can discuss clothing choices, locations, and whether you prefer a soft or sharp look.
If you are planning an event, we can list special requests, or needs during that event. 
Either way, I can offer personal suggestions from my years of experience. 

The typical portrait session lasts an hour, however it could be shorter or longer depending on how long it takes to get what I need for the perfect portrait. I am often asked how many pictures I take during a session or job. The answer is,  "as many as I need to get the job done to your satisfaction." 

Q: What happens if it rains, or your child get sick the day of the session? 

A: I have clients call me 2 hours before the session to check the weather. I look at live radar on Intellicast one hour before the session. If rain is probable, we will reschedule. If you are from out of town and the session can only be done on that day, we can either move the session to my studio or another indoor location. If your child is sick, we will reschedule until they feel better. 

Q: How much will it cost? 

A: Pricing is customized to your needs. The best thing to do is call and get a quote. You may need a family portrait, an event covered, a product photographed, or a damaged photograph repaired and restored. The time and expertise required to accomplish each is very different. 
Please call for details. I will personally help you with your needs. Judi 407-294-1050